Quality Policy

Bizlite - 100% Quality Assurance

Our products are accredited with ISI mark by BIS. We always committed to innovation, making of quality products and prompt service after sales.

Reliability of your equipment is our Obligation. The products undergo stringent in process quality check as well as final inspection. Every product manufactured is routine tested after assembly to the relevant standards.
Propagating quality management systems by way of formulating implementing and monitoring the improvement plans with total focus on the internal as well as the external customer satisfaction. It is also responsibility of the task force to bring about the investigation and preventive action on critical quality issues and report the same to the top management and take necessary corrective action.
By following stringent quality control measures, we ensure that all our products are of A-grade quality. Each and every step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored by our Quality Assurance experts who are well versed in their field and can provide shock proof, long lasting products to the customers. All our products are in conformance with ISO 9001:2015 certified guidelines, thus, enabling the flow of only error & trouble free products to the market.